RACE: Sandsjöbacka Trail Run

January 17. A 22 km winter trail run in Gothenburg.

RESULT: 6th. Short race report here


Lots of winter training, running, biking, skiing … pt

e film here


Winter Training camp – Gran Canary

14-21 March. A 40 hr week of training … road cycling, mountain bike, trail running, and paddling on Gran Canary Island, Spain.

Great week of training despite an injury on the last day  — recap and pics here.


TRAINING: Spring camp with Team Thule – Spain

30 March – 8 April. A team training camp in the Thule Campervan. A week of surfski paddling, cycling, and trail running from Malaga (Southern Spain) north to Alicante. CANCELLED DUE TO INJURY :(

RACE: Wild Boar Trail Run, Trosa, Sweden

18 April.  A 22 km trail run on technical terrain as a last warm up before lifting off for China. CANCELLED DUE TO INJURY :(

RACE: Baise Outdoor Mountain Quest, China

24-28 April.  A five-day stage race of multisport racing (kayak, MTB, trail run, ropes, etc). in Baise, located in the beautiful and warm Guangxi Province of Southeast China. CANCELLED DUE TO INJURY :(


SLIDE SHOW: Presentation and inspiration in Östersund, Sweden

11 May.  A 30 min slide show with focus on mountain running at Friskis & Svettis Östersund (17.00), sponsored by Jamtkliniken. Open to the public! In Swedish.

RACE: West Coast Adventure Race, Gothenburg, Sweden

15 May.  A 24 hour adventure race from Marstrand to Gothenburg. Racing as Team Thule with Martin Flinta, Caroline Holmqvist, and Petri Forsman.

SLIDE SHOW: Sharing the stage with Annika R. Malmberg, Östersund, Sweden

26 May.  I’ve been invited to join Annika in her national speaking tour when she makes a stop in Östersund. Annika is a well-known motivational speaker in Sweden and will invite me on stage to complement her presentation with a few examples of teamwork from the world of adventure racing. Read more about the talk and purchase a ticket here or read about Annika at her website annikarmalmberg.se. Talk given in Swedish, start 13.00 to 16.00 at Storsjöteatern, Stortorget, Östersund.

SLIDE SHOW: Presentation at Mitt University, Östersund, Sweden

28 May.  Invited speaker for the “Overhead” series of lectures. Open to the public. 18.30 (*NEW TIME*). Campus Pub “Oskars”, Östersund. Lecture will highlight the connection between my life as an environmental economist and outdoor endurance athlete. Presentation given in Swedish read more here.

SLIDE SHOW: Training tips for participants in Åre Training camp

29 May.  Private lecture for Team T.E.C (Training for Extreme Challenges) training camp, Brattlandsgården, Åre.

RACE: Kolmården Extreme

30 May.  3 hour multisport race South of Stockholm.

CLINIC: Kayak Clinic in Trosa, Sweden

31 May 9.15 / 13.00.  A full day kayak clinic in Trosa with lecture on technique, practice “on the water” and lunch. Presented by Outdoor Destination Sweden Kayak shop in Trosa and taught by Scott. Click here for more info or sign up via the Event’s Facebook page. Spaces limited !

SLIDE SHOW: Multisport Slide show and presentation in Trosa

31 May 14.15 – 15.30.  For those less interested in kayaking, but seeking inspiration, swing by Scott’s popular multisport slide show at the Åda Golf & Country Club in the afternoon. Open to the public, entre is 299 kr. Read more here in English or here in Swedish. Slide show given in Swedish.


RACE: Race for Heroes, Karlsborg, Sweden

6 June.  A 5 hour solo multisport race around the old military castle in Karlsborg, SwedenCANCELLED DUE TO INJURY

SLIDE SHOW: Training tips for BeAktiv trail running camp, Vålådalen

12 June.  Private lecture for BeAktiv, an organisation that organizes training groups in Östersund.

RACE: Åre Extreme Challenge, Åre, Sweden

27 June.  A 5 hour solo multisport race — and this year the European Multisport Championship.  CANCELLED DUE TO INJURY


Some light rest and recovery …

More information coming


RACE: AXA Fjällmarathon Week, Jämtland, Sweden

1 August – 8 August.  A week of mountain running, including a half marathon, a sprint race, and a full mountain marathon.CANCELLED DUE TO INJURY. 
7 August. A slide show on overtraining together with Markus Torgeby.

COACHING: Kayak Clinic, Ottsjö, Jämtland, Sweden

7 August.  A 4 hr clinic with a slide show and paddle training out on the water (Ottsjön). More info here.

COACHING: Kayak Clinic, Friskis&Svettis, Östersund, Sweden

20 August.  A repeat from the Ottsjö clinic – A 4 hr clinic with a slide show and paddle training out on the water (Storjön). More info here.

RACE: Wu Long Mountain Quest, China

26-29 August.   A four-day stage race of multisport racing (kayak, MTB, trail run, ropes, etc). in Wu Long, located near Chongqing . CANCELLED DUE TO INJURY


SLIDE SHOW: What’s Nature’s Price? Mitt Universitet, Östersund, Sweden

26 September, Saturday, 13.00 to 14.00.   A free slide show as part of the Sustainable September Initiative by the student group at Sweden’s Middle University. I will share inspiration from my multisport career and explain how putting a price on nature is a key step toward sustainability. You are welcome to come listen, debate, or challenge my views … and enjoy a cup of joe from the cycling barista in Östersund. Read more (in English and Swedish) on their Facebook event page here.


SLIDE SHOW.  What’s Nature’s Price?  (Copper Hill, Åre)

2 October, Friday, 8.30-9.15.   A free slide show with optional breakfast at the beautiful Copper Hill Mountain Lodge, up on the hill in Åre. I will talk (in Swedish) about the connection between my passion for multisport and my other career as an environmental economist. Come and listen to inspiring stories about my sport and hear my opinion on why we need to protect the recreational values on which it depends. Read more here (in Swedish).

SLIDE SHOW.  Overtraining: What happens when you stop listening to your body. (Kullamannen Trail Run, Skåne)

31 October, Friday evening (time not yet decided).   A halloween night slide show on the even of the challenging Kullamannen Trail Run in Southern Sweden. While I won’t be racing on Saturday, I’ll be sharing some stories about  my bout with overtraining, including some of the tools I’m using to get myself ready for 2016. More info here in Swedish


SLIDE SHOW.  Overtraining: What happens when you stop listening to your body. (Holiday Club, Åre)

5 November, Thursday evening, 19.30-20.45. The night before the Åre Sustainability Summit, I will give a slide show about my multisport career with pictures, stories, and films from races in China, New Zealand, and Sweden. The theme is overtraining. Read more in Swedish about how to buy tickets here or share this Facebook event with your friends. Tickets must be purchased by 4 november at the latest. 

SLIDE SHOW.  What’s Nature’s Price?  (Holiday Club, Åre)

6 November, 16.00.   As part of the Åre Sustainability Summit, I will be sharing my views on how public and private decision-makers can take steps toward a more sustainable use of the planet’s resources. I’ll also be sneaking in a few pictures and films from from my multisport career. To buy tickets, go to the event website. To read more about what I will talk about (in Swedish), see the event’s blog website here.

SLIDE SHOW.  Is running really a skill?  (InMo Gym, Stockholm)

11 November, 19.30-20.30. Friskis&Svettis Gym in Östersund, together with BeAktiv, have invited me to share my story of how I’ve evolved from being a heel-striking runner to a natural runner.  More info here in swedish.

SLIDE SHOW.  Is running really a skill? (Östergårds, Stockholm)

17 November, 7.45-8.30.   Team T.E.C. has invited me to Östergårds i Danderyd to  share my story of how I’ve evolved from being a heel-striking runner to a natural runner.  You also have a chance to sign up for one of my two hour “run technique” sessions. Read more here in Swedish. Sign up for the slide show and breakfast by emailing paula@teamtecsweden.se. Entry (and a light breakfast at 7.15) is free. Sign up for the private run sessions by emailing me (See event website here for available times between 16-20 November).

SLIDE SHOW.  Overtraining: What happens when you stop listening to your body. (Mornington Hotell Bromma, Stockholm)

17 November, 19.00-20.15.   Overtraining by elite och serious recreational athletes is attracting increasing attention. My blog readers know that I’m one of those affected. Following positive feedback from my presentation in Åre (4 November) I will be giving a similar slide show in at Mornington Hotell in Stockholm. The presentation (given in Swedish) is free and highlights some of my recent challenges with “burn-out”, adrenaline fatigue, and overtraining. I will talk about my search for answers to better understand a sickness that is challenging me both physically and mentally. To read more, see this previous description from my Åre presentation.

SLIDE SHOW.  Is running really a skill?  (InMo Gym, Stockholm)

18 November, 7.30-8.15.   Team T.E.C. has invited me to InMo Training Gym to share my story of how I’ve evolved from being a heel-striking runner to a natural runner.  You also have a chance to sign up for one of my two hour “run technique” sessionsRead more here in Swedish. Sign up for the slide show and breakfast by emailing paula@teamtecsweden.se. Entry (and a light breakfast at 7.00) is free. Sign up for the private run sessions by emailing me (See event website here for available times between 16-20 November).


To come

More information coming


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