Technique coaching: Running

Does this sound familiar:

You read the book ”Born to Run” and bought a pair of Five Fingers or other minimal shoes. You waited for the instantaneous conversion to blissful barefoot running. But the technique didn’t exactly fall into place. Instead, you had pain in your calf muscles and you soon returned to cushioned running shoes.

That’s what I did. But then I got a running coach (Anders Nordström), who helped me change my running technique after 15 years as a competitive endurance athlete. Soon after I took an intensive coaches training with a leading expert in the field of natural running: Lee Saxby. I’ve now become a running coach myself and provide inspiration and technique guidance for others looking to avoid injury, run faster, and simply enjoy their sport.

before and after

Before in 2014 (left). After in 2015 (right).

Running is a skill

Just because we’re born to run — and we are (!), look at our short toes, long achilles heel, strong joints, and ability to sweat — doesn’t mean we can fall back into the natural running behavior we had as kids. The problem was not the the book or the author’s message. The problem was that our well-intentioned mind didn’t understand the deep-rootedness of our muscle memory — in particular, the damaging effects of “jogging” instead of running. New shoes (or no shoes at all) doesn’t make the runner. Running is a skill and it demands technique. (Come to one of my open slide shows on running to learn more).

My run coaching builds the base for a new muscle memory and helps to finish Christopher McDougall’s inspiring story. As my running coach Lee Saxby says: Your body’s hardware has all the tools it needs, but the software system needs a little re-programming.

I offer three types of run technique coaching:*

  • Level I – The fundamentals of natural running
  • Level II – Up and downhill running
  • 6 week course – Group training for natural running

* I also offer long-term training plans for those seeking structure and advice in preparing for a race or other event. More info here.

Level I – The fundamentals of natural running

This two-hour coaching session is designed for 1 to 2 runners and is done indoors on a treadmill. It includes the following (Läs på svenska här –> Cole_löpning_feb_2016):

  • Film analysis – See your improvement with eye-opening “before and after” comparisons.
  • Hardware Analysis – What’s limiting your running stride?
  • Software analysis – Build a new muscle memory based on efficient technique
  • Measure – Training tools that provide data on pulse and cadence
  • Take home – Easy to remember tips for your next run.
  • Follow up – This course is the start of a journey. The following is designed to help you along  that journey:
    • Training plan. A 6 week “get started” program for natural running on from Coach Cole. Follow and record your progress.
    • Film analysis. A critique of your progress after approx. 4 to 6 weeks
  • Freebies – Goodie bag from e.g., Clif Bar, Vivo Barefoot, Suunto, m.m.

Level II – Up and downhill running

This two-hour coaching session is designed for 1 to 2 runners and is conducted outdoors on trails for those who have already taken Level I. It includes the following (info på svenska kommer snart):

  • Refresher on natural running – Review of your previous film
  • In theory – What makes an efficient up and downhill runner?
  • In practice – Drills and exercises to help you find your “human spring”
  • Film analysis – See your improvement on trails with eye-opening “before and after” comparisons
  • Measure – Training tools that provide unique and “eye-opening” data: pulse, cadence, and energy use.
  • Take home – Exercises in the gym and on the trails to improve your “bounce”
  • Follow up – To ensure continuous improvement, the  following is included:
    • Film analysis. A critique of your progress after approx. 4 to 6 weeks
    • Offer. A 10% rebate on a customized long-term training program. Read more here

6 week course – Group training for natural running

A 6 week course that meets once a week and goes through the fundamentals of natural running. It is designed for those who prefer more frequent coaching and is relevant for new-comers or those who have taken Levels I and II but want a refresher or weekly structure in your training. It starts with the basics and then adds layers of complexity over time. Maximum participants – 12.

What others are saying

  • (SWEDISH) “Scott Coles löpteknik utbildning var oerhört givande och lättbegriplig, fast jag bara är en motionsidrottare. Övningarna är enkla och har gått fint att implementera i vardagen. Scott är en inspirerande person. Rekommenderar alla som vill springa att ta ett teknikpass!.” Fia Gulliksson, CEO and founder of Food in Action, June 2016.
  • I am 53 years old, have run all my life and I always knew that my stride was not quite right. But I never thought I could change the way I run. But two hours with Scott clearly showed the opposite. His analysis of my “before and after” film has re-inspired me to find my natural running step.” Anders, CEO of an environmental consultancy, Oct 2015.
  • A refreshing and rich learning experience. Scott takes you on a journey that analyzes, adjusts and improves your running style. I’ve never learned so much about running in such a short time — and everything I learned was consistent and logical.” Johan, long-time marathon runner, Oct 2015
  • My co-leader and I have both taken a running technique class, but I have to admit that I got more out the two hour session with you than I did from the two days I had in Stockholm!” Federica, leader of BeAktiv Running Group in Östersund, Oct 2015
  • “You were great at explaining the function behind running. I especially liked that you explained HOW and WHY we should run ‘naturally.’  It’s important for me to understand WHY we should do it in a particular way, otherwise I’m not going to do it! ” Kristoffer, Östersund, Nov 2015


Email me through my contact page or come to one of my slide shows about natural running to hear more (see Calendar for my next lecture “Why running is a skill“). Level I and II is 1500 SEK (inkl moms) per person, 10% rebate for Friskis&Svettis members. (Kursen är godkänd för friskvårdsbidrag enligt skatteverkets regler)

I offer one-one-one coaching or one-on-two coaching for a lower rate per person (but it just takes a bit longer). Your choice.


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