Goat’s milk, fat-burning and dehydration


Good news !! I got a visa for travel to China for the Baise race in April. After years of applying for separate (and costly) visas for each and every race, I saw this in the news:

Effective November 12, 2014, U.S. citizens traveling to China may apply for a ten-year multiple-entry visa. 

So I put my Swedish passport back in the drawer and sent in my American one to the Chinese Consulate in Stockholm and PANG (!) – I got a 10 year visa.

chinese visa

Till 2025 baby !!


Here are some pics from the last time I raced in Baise (April 2013) with Team FJS – it was a race that featured super warm weather, green rolling hills, and whitewater.







Racing as Team FJS I stod just below Thule Adventure Team on the Podium on Day 1. Now I’m switching alliances in 2015 … and Team FJS members may also be there in 2015, but racing as Swedish Armed Forces.



When I was living in New Zealand I became a big fan of goat’s milk – which is easier for humans to digest than cow’s milk (more similar to breast milk), rarely causes lactose intolerance, and has greater amounts of essential fatty acids and potassium. It also tastes better in my opinion (thanks to Michelle Craw for opening my eyes (stomach?) to this one!).

My search is finally over – I found an organic farm on Rödön, not too far from my house, that is willing to sell (and even deliver!) goat’s milk and yoghurt. YUM !





What’s happening on the training front? I’m working on building up my “fat burning” capacity — the key to successful endurance racing. Burning fat as energy lasts a lot longer than burning carbohydrates. And fats are healthier for your body.

My paleo-influenced diet is in full effect:

  • lots of fish, chicken, meat
  • lots and lots of veggies and eggs
  • no bread, rice, or pasta and limited intake of fruits

The exception is when I do very intense intervals, and then I’ll complement my meals with some sweet potatoes or pumpkin. And of course the occasional glass of goat’s milk …


paleo pyrmaid

The Paleo food pyramid (right) is basically an inverse image of the traditional food pyramid that we learned when we were kids (left).


But eating fat alone doesn’t translate into fat-burning. You have to train your body to do this over time. So I’ve been doing some early morning “low intensity” training sessions before breakfast (when the body is empty of carbs and must burn fat). This past weekend I headed out at 9 am for a long snowshoe run/hike without breakfast. I kept a steady tempo for 3 hours, had a light lunch with healthy fats (dark chocolate, nuts, and warm goat’s milk). Then pushed on for another 3 hours. The body can tolerate a lot more than we are often willing to expose it to.

The Suunto Ambit 3D film from the 25 km, 6 hr snowshoe in Skäckerfjällen, just northwest of Åre.



I tried a little experiment with dehydration last week when doing 8x8min intervals on my bike in the living room (where the temp was over 20 C). I weighed myself (naked) before and after this 1 hr and 50 min intense workout, which finished with sweat puddles under the bike. I drank 350 ml of water during the session (which weighs 350 grams).

I lost 2.6 kg (6.7 lbs), some of which was the burning of fat, but most pure water. Imagine how much water I will lose during a 5 hour race in China when the temps are 30+ C!

The “before and after” results from my wireless connected scale:

bike before

bike after




This weekend I’ll be in Stockholm for the annual Vildmarksmässan, an Outdoor Show with 30,000 people including outdoor companies, inspirational speakers, adventure destinations, and other activities.



I will be at the Åre Extreme Challenge exhibit – swing by if you want to chat endurance training or want some technique tips on the paddling machine, running treadmill or bike trainer we have set up there.

I’m giving several 25-minute presentations covering the wild and comical things that have happened to me over the last 8 years of racing the Åre Extreme Challenge. See you on Saturday (12.00, 14.00, 16) and/or Sunday (13.00 and 16.00).

Admission to the event is free if you raced in the 2014 Åre Extreme Challenge.


Come listen to my presentation to hear why multisport and moose don’t mix …

Train smart






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