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Born to run – but what went wrong?

Just because we’re born to run — and we are (!), look at our short toes, long achilles heel, strong joints, and ability to sweat — doesn’t mean we can easily re-call the programming in our genes. Many well-intentioned runners have unfortunately learned to ‘jog’ instead of run, leading to injuries instead of a runner’s high.

In 2014, my soon-to-be running coach Anders Nordström saw me racing and said, “Scott: you can do better than that!” He was right: Running is a skill. That started my quest for a more effective running step, which included coach training from Lee Saxby, a natural running expert. I also developed this slide show: “Born to run – so what went wrong?

After you attend this slide show, you may be interested in one of my run technique courses.

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Born to run – but what went wrong? (English)

Född löpare – så varför skadad? (Svenska)


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