My passion in life is to help society better understand the link between our well-being and nature’s ability to provide fuel, food, fresh water, biodiversity, habitat, and, not least, the recreational opportunities upon which my sport (and our health) depends.

A genuine respect for mother earth is an extremely important value for me as a multisport endurance athlete, individual and environmental economist. My partners support my athletic, coaching, and speaking goals while also working to protect our planet.

thule_adventure As of January 2015, I’ve become a member of Thule Adventure Team, one of the world’s elite multisport teams with victories around the globe, including the World Championships in 2011 and 2013. My multisport car is  equipped with Thule’s latest bike and kayak racks, including a bike carrier on the back that can hold 4 bikes. Follow my journey with Team Thule on their Facebook page.

In 2014, guided by curiosity, I started to learn and better appreciate my feet. At the time, I knew of the barefoot minimalist footwear movement, but I didn’t think it was for me: a competitive athlete that wanted to run fast.  But my skepticism has been replaced by a deeper understanding of health, fitness, and the human body. In March 2016 I started a partnership with Vivo Barefoot, a company that not only believes that “less is more” when it comes to footware, but also understands the link between mother nature, our social well-being, and human movement. Vivo’s ’different’ approach to selling shoes has given it a strong presence in Scandinavia and is expanding rapidly around the world.

clif_bar 11 years after being sponsored by Clif Bar as a Team Nomad racer, I’ve re-connected with this environmentally-conscious company based in California. Clif is a privately-owned that provides  organically-produced energy products for endurance racing (Clif is the world’s largest purchaser of organically-grown grains). Their bars are fantastic (White Chocolate Macadamia is a winner), their gels come with a ingeniously-designed “Litter Leash®” to prevent racers from dropping trash during a race, and their Clif Blocks are an easy-to-chew product with both carbs and electrolytes. Ask me for a Clif sample when we meet at the next race – I promise you’ll switch over ☺
Suunto I feel naked without a heart rate monitor and GPS watch. How else can I log, upload, and analyze my training? Most of the people I coach also use the Ambit2 multisport watch. I also use Suunto’s compasses when running (thumb), biking (wrist) and paddling (on-deck compass).
tierra As a member of Thule Adventure Team I’m sporting Tierra’s active outer wear, including the extremely lightweight Gore Tex Active jacket and the world’s warmest down insulation. Tierra is a globally-recognized Swedish brand that provides functional active wear.
woolpower Woolpower makes wool socks and base/mid layers in my hometown of Östersund, Sweden, and exports to over 25 countries. Rather than out-sourcing production, their garments are sewn locally. The name of the seamstress is found on every product (read more about this unique and personal quality control approach). They only buy wool from sheep farmers that ensure fair treatment of animals; their products are long-lasting; and they have been rewarded for their relentless efforts to re-use “spill material” into new products.  After training, I simply hang my sweaty wool shirt to “air dry,” which reduces water quality impacts from washing (I can’t do that with synthetic materials!).
mornington Mornington Hotel Bromma in Stockholm provides me with all the comforts of home when I’m away — good food, a comfy bed, a top-notch gym and health club, and even a climbing wall. A great hotel in Stockholm for those seeking more than just a place to sleep.
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