What others are saying about Scott as a speaker


Photo: Johannes Poignant

“I really liked how people came to hear about your multisport career — which they enjoyed — but left discussing nature’s price. That’s exactly what we wanted to create in this “ Overhead” speaking series. I spoke to many afterwards who thought this was one of the best Overhead lectures so far. That is a real compliment!” Lina, Organizer of the Overhead Speaking Series, May 2015.

“My only complaint was that 90 minutes was too short!” Anonymous comment on feedback form, June 2014.

“Wow, you’re a fantastic speaker– both inspirational and entertaining! Thanks so much!” – Anna, October 2013.

“I just wanted to thank you for an inspiring slide show yesterday. You’re a very interesting speaker and I’m impressed with your Swedish. … Sometimes you run into people who inspire you to “raise the bar” in your daily training, to challenge yourself to develop further as an athlete — You are one of those people. Thanks!” Angelica, August, 2014.

“You have a very down-to-earth attitude toward us ‘regular Joes’ even though you compete on a whole different level. Keep it that way. I look forward to following your blog as inspiration for my own training and to help find new motivation for next year’s Åre Extreme Challenge (ÅEC).” Henrik, July 2013

“Mate, your presentation was very good. You’re very natural in front of a crowd and have a good sense of humor. Your presentation was continually interesting, great photos and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.” Aaron, an experienced multisporter, September 2013.

“Thanks for an interesting slide show – we need more of these!” Ola, October 2014.



After my slide shows and presentations I send around an evaluation form to get a better understanding of my audience and to find areas for future improvement. Here are the results so far after collecting over 300 responses.

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