• Mountain running in the Swedish Fjäll, Ulladalen, Åre, Sweden, August, 2016 (Photo: Martin Scott Powell)

  • Paddle training, Purau Bay, Christchurch, New Zealand, January, 2014 (Photo: Amanda Lu)

  • Whitewater paddle training near Tännforsen, Sweden, May, 2014 (Photo: Johannes Poignant)

  • Åre Extreme Challenge Race, Åre, Sweden, June, 2014 (Photo: Johannes Poignant)

  • Trail running, Östersund, Sweden, Oct, 2014 (Photo: Johannes Poignant)

  • Coastal contemplation, Stavanger, Norway, May, 2014 (Photo: Øyvind Nesvåg)

  • Barefoot running, Stavanger, Norway, May, 2014 (Photo: Øyvind Nesvåg)

  • Cycling on Purau Port Levy Road, Christchurch, New Zealand, December 2013 (Photo: Amanda Lu)



The alphabet soup of my endurance comeback:  ÅEC, AXA, TSR.  Here come a few reflections on language barriers while mountain...