Coast to Coast 2015 !

At 18.00 Swedish time tonight (Friday) the Coast to Coast starts in New Zealand.

coast to coast

Last year at this time I was nervously double-checking my gear and trying to get in bed by 21.00.  This year I pedaled to work over icy roads and thought about a possible attempt at The Coast in 2016 …

1 run pic1

The mountain run in 2014.

4 DSC03813

The jog down to the kayak in 2014.


My teammate Carolin Holmqvist from Thule Adventure Team will be racing. I tried to give her a few tips from my experience (what to do and what NOT to do!). I think she’ll do great, but there’s some strong competition from the women’s side.  See here for a preview


Caroline at the 2014 Åre Extreme Challenge.  Paddling is likely to be her strongest leg in The Coast which is a great asset to have in that race. 

The two day event — i.e., dividing up the South Island crossing into two more reasonable 5 hour chunks instead of the 10 hour push in one day — has already started.  A story about the leaders can be found here.

Check in at 18.00 tonight from Sweden and follow the GPS trackers for the top racers… winner expected at around 04.00 in the morning.

Side note — this is the first event since Richard Ussher took over as race director, signaling a potentially new direction for the race.  Besides reducing the starting fee, Richard has a bunch of other fresh new ideas for the race in the coming years …

My winter training is going well and has benefitted from a couple of rare mid-February paddles in Northern Sweden. We had some warm weather and the dam released a bunch of water, pushing away the ice and leaving a nice 5 km opening.



IMG_1042 new


In my next blog I will write more about my new training approach — including “periodization of intensity/volume” in 2015.

Train smart


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