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Multisport Presentations and Slide Shows

Looking for an inspirational speaker?

An endurance sport that mixes orienteering, cycling, paddling, and running in extreme environments, multisport demands mental toughness, technical outdoor skills, and the ability to react to the unexpected. A multisport race lasts from three hours to six days (where sleep management becomes critical). Participants compete solo or in teams. Read more about the sport here.

As a speaker, I provide a window into the world of multisport, engaging the audience with entertaining stories from my 17 years as an endurance athlete. My slide shows mix photography and GoPro films with ‘strange-but-true’ facts about how endurance racers overcome fatigue and sleep deprivation to go further, longer, and faster.

My anecdotes are designed to inspire outdoor enthusiasts, to shed light on the value of nature and its impact on our well-being, to motivate the more sedentary among us, to empower individuals to reach athletic goals despite busy work weeks, and to highlight the importance of teamwork in high stress environments.


What presentation fits your needs?

My presentations are given in English or Swedish and enjoyed by wide audiences including sports clubs, schools, companies, race events, outdoor trade shows, training workshops, etc.

Read more about my presentations (in both English and Swedish) by clicking below. You can even tailor your own presentation by picking and choosing from different topics.

  • The value of nature: Insights from an endurance athlete and environmental economist. Read more …
  • Endurance Training: How to build your endurance base to succeed physically and mentally.  Read more …
  • Endurance burn-out: When an athlete stops listening to the body. Read more
  • Multisport and life: Lessons from an endurance athlete’s quest to push his comfort zone and succeed in life and competition.  Read more

Check my calendar for information on my upcoming presentations.

What others are saying

  • “I really liked how people came to hear about your multisport career — which they enjoyed — but left discussing nature’s price. That’s exactly what we wanted to create in this “Overhead” speaking series.” Lina, Organizer of the Overhead Speaking Series, May 2015.
  • “You have a very down-to-earth attitude toward us ‘regular Joes’ even though you compete on a whole different level. Keep it that way” Henrik, July 2013

…  Read more feedback on Scott’s presentations here.

My previous customers

Feel free to contact my previous customers to get their feedback  or email me to get in contact with them.

  • Enetjärn Natur Consultancy, Umeå, Sweden
  • Vildmarksmässan, Stockholm
  • European Outdoor Trade Fair, Freidrichshafen, Germany
  • Add Nature Outdoor store, Stockholm
  • Mornington Hotel Bromma, Stockholm
  • InMo gym, Stockholm
  • Östergårds, Stockholm
  • Copper Hill Mountain Lodge, Åre
  • Mölndals Outdoor Klubb, Göteborg
  • Hälsinglands Multisport Klubb, Söderhamn
  • Mitt Universitet, Östersund
  • AXA Fjällmarathon race, Östersund
  • Åre Extreme Challenge race, Åre
  • Team T.E.C. Traning camp, Åre
  • Friskis o Svettis Gym, Östersund
  • Velo Rapid Bike Shop, Östersund
  • Dog sled racing team, Östersund
  • The Hutong Cultural Exchange Center, Beijing, China
  • Rudolf Steiner School, Christchurch, Nya Zealand

About me

I’m an elite endurance athlete, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and economist.

  • As a PhD economist and owner of EnviroEconomics Sweden Consultancy, I provide support for better environmental decision-making for authorities and companies. Read more here.
  • As a passionate multisport racer, I explore  my physical and mental limits, while coaching others and providing entertaining presentations and slide shows. Read more about me in my English bio or my Swedish bio.

Watch a short film about my passion for multisport.


For phone number etc go to my contact page.

I usually come with a variety of giveaways from my sponsors …


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