San Diego surfski and maxing out


Hey, it’s been awhile …

I landed in the US 8 days ago and have been enjoying some great Southern California training. In 3 weeks I’ll be flying on to New Zealand for the winter months.

This weekend I did a 15 km surfski race on a windless and cloudless day – but windless does not mean flat on the Pacific, as swells and boat traffic kept it interesting.


The surfski race was a fun event with lots of different crafts lined up on the grass.

My game plan was to take it easy for the first 15 min and get comfortable in the boat (I got to borrow a FENN Elite, which is similar to the one I have at home), then try to increase my effort near the end. I wasn’t worried about placement, as there were several top paddlers here including Olympic medal winners from the Czech Republic. I executed my plan well. I paddled hard for 90 min, and really increased my effort in the last 10 -15 min (details here I took a quick bite from the post-race buffet and jumped on my bike for a 2 hr spin in the hot sun.

I didn’t get any pictures of me, but here are a few from the San Diego Canoe and Kayak Team that I raced with – including former OS paddler Chris Barlow who hooked me up with a boat. Thanks Chris !




On Sunday I ran for 2 hours on some technical trails – the same place I ran with Jari Palonen a year ago when he was here for a training camp. I wore my 2.5 kg Inov8 pack with all the mandatory equipment (and precise number of carbohydrates) that I plan to carry on the Coast to Coast run. I want to make sure all my equipment is dialed in long before the race.

trail run 2

A hot dry San Diego trail

I also tested the new Inov8 212s. A little more support than the older 212 models I think, but I need to test a bit more. I like the colors anyway …

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.06.23 AM


A few days before I left Sweden I gave my last multisport presentation at Friskis & Svettis. I managed to convince at least one person to train hard for the Åre Extreme Challenge next year …



I also did one other important thing before leaving Sweden:  a max threshold test at Östersund’s well-known sports lab –> Winter Sports Centrum


Those who attended my presentations know what this is about. The goal is to measure my current running form so that I can fine-tune my training for the next 3 months leading up to the Coast to Coast race in New Zealand.  The test measures how efficient my body is at removing lactate (a by-product of exercise) and how efficient it is at making use of oxygen. Here’s what it looked like (thanks to Johannes Poignant for these pictures … and thanks to Martin Höök for running the test).


 Note the new Inov8 190s — not really designed for a treadmill, but still nice.

max test



In one of my future blogs I will dissect my results and discuss what they mean. I’m still analyzing it …

More training awaits this week in San Diego. Then I’m off to Sedona, Arizona, for a little get-away with mom – but I’ll be bringing my bike.


PS My China Multisport video is in the running for a prize from Thule – check out this page and give me a vote if you think I deserve it …





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