Höga Kusten Hike & ÅEC

So what does this 3-day, 40 km hiking weekend on Sweden’s High Coast (24-27 July 2014) have to do with the Åre Extreme Challenge multisport race?

Check out this video to learn more … and a chance to win a cool prize. (more info here: www.hogakustenhike.se)



In other news, I’m working on a new approach for my “ÅEC race report.”  Rather than writing all my thoughts on a blog with pictures, I’m going to tell a story with movie clips from the race.  I did a little filming for it yesterday — stay tuned …




In other (endurance related) news, check out this headline I saw today on npr.org:


dark chocolate benefits



As part of the study, researchers gave half of the 20 participants 40 grams of dark chocolate that had at least 85 percent cocoa. The other half of the group received 40 grams of milk chocolate that had less than 30 percent cocoa. 

“After eating the dark chocolate, the participants walked an average 11 percent farther,” study author Lorenzo Loffredo. And yes, they were surprised by the findings.


I’m not surprised (nor disappointed!).  But it gets better.  It turns out it’s related to nitric oxide, which opens up your blood vessels to allow more blood through.  The same thing happens from drinking Beet-It juice (research here) and from meditation (reported here ).  I’m just saying … maybe not so crazy to boil up some red beets, stuff some dark chocolate in your pocket and go find a scenic vista somewhere, where you can just breathe (and eat) …


beet itScott




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