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6 months ago I started my 2014 multisport season (following a burnout and forced rest in March, after a disappointing finish at NZ’s Coast to Coast race).  And now I have one last “A” race of the season left in Wuhan, China (Hubei Province) from 6-8 November. It’s a three-day stage race (5-6 hours per day) of running, biking, kayaking and ropes.

I’ll be racing with Martin Flinta and Team Thule Adventure. We have some pressure on us this time since we had the yellow jersey at the last China race in Taining. But I’m looking forward to the expectations, the tough competition, and some strong teammates.

Martin and I will be racing with Jacob Roberts, a super strong veteran racer from New Zealand who recently won the GeoQuest race in Australia together with Stuart Lynch, Sophie Hart, and Nathan Faavae. I look forward to (meeting!) and racing with Jacob.

jacob pic

Jacob, my teammate in the upcoming China race, is third from right.


Our 4th teammate, who I’ve also never met, is Helena Erbenová from the Czech Republic, a professional XC skier and XTERRA triathlete, who recently won the XTERRA Stockholm race.

helena pic 2

Helena knows how to run and bike off road (sometimes doing both at the same time…)

I’m a bit nervous racing with these superstars, but I am sure we’ll make a good team!

On the way back from the race I’ll be stopping in Beijing for environmental economics business. I’ll also be giving a multisport slide show, organized by The Hutong (read more here).  If you’re in Beijing in November, stop by on the 12th!


Ada Wild Boar Trail Run

When I get back from China, I’ll be doing a classic C race (results mean nothing, just have fun!). It’s Anders Nordström’s 22 km “serious off-road” Ada Wild Boar trail run, an event that raises money for Creative Children. I tested the course in September and I can say one thing: Asphalt runners need not apply :)

Check this 60 sec video about the course.


Red Bull Defiance Race in Wanaka, NZ

There’s a big race this weekend that I will NOT be racing in. It’s the Red Bull Defiance, a two day (two-man team) stage race in Wanaka, New Zealand. There’s been a lot of hype about this race, which is being organized by New Zealand’s best multi-sporter Braden Currie (Besides directing it, he’s also racing together with NZ’s other top multisporter Dougal Allan — a tough combo to beat!).


The Defiance Race starts by sending a starting field of racers and their MTBs on a barge across a lake. When the barge gates open at the other end the race starts!  For 5 hours they will battle it out on foot, bike and kayak before doing it again on Sunday. Although I’m missing this year’s race, the rumor is that it will be placed in late January 2016, just a few weeks before the Coast to Coast … hmm … could be interesting …

Braden Currie - Action

Just a typical trail run in Wanaka, NZ.

img_3698 mhp_3417 mhp_3515

Check out these cool promotional videos with helicopter views of the race course … some good training motivation …


A quick look back

So there’s a lot coming up  next month … But wait, a quick look back …

I raced the the Norrlandsknäcket two weeks ago with Mattias Nyström of Team Haglöfs-Silva. We had a blast, although I had trouble keeping up with his powerful paddling strokes. We kept a good pace as a team on the run and the bike. His navigation was much better than mine would have been, even though I recognized a lot of the trails from my 6 years of living Umeå …


The race finished with some air mattress swimming  …


norrlands race

Champagne is always great, but I would have preferred hot chocolate after this chilly race.

That’s it for tonight.

… but for those of you in Gothenburg, I’ll be giving a slide show this Wednesday night at ÅF, more info here.

Train smart




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